Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: George A. Romero's "Night of The Living Dead"

This is a fitting movie to start with my reviews, for many it's the first, in fact if you ask a lot of fans they'll probably believe that Zombies were invented by Mr Romero, but alas they weren't...

Where to start?, I should probably have done some research on the movie before I reviewed it, but I realize that when it comes to cult classics you can find a lot more opinion than fact. One thing that is obvious is that it was done with a very low budget, but the black and white give it a very nice effect.
Let me say that the way in which this movie is made is why I am so obsessed with the genre, the interaction between the human survivors, the way they deal with things, and sometimes show you the saddest thing... at least you can trust Zombies to be honest about things...

The whole story starts after a brother and sister go and visit their dad in the cemetery, in broad daylight they are attacked by a walking corpse, almost thinking it is a joke, but the brother is killed and the woman runs away and locks herself in the first house she sees, throughout the movie some more survivors show up and that's when the real sparks start flying, when bravery meets cowardice and strong wills collide.

Don't get me wrong it still has a lot to offer Zombie-wise, some of the scenes of them eating flesh are quite well thought out, though they look like badly dressed and lightly powdered people they still create very creepy images.

All in all a very good movie for 1968, it stills tickles an old zombies bones today too...

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