Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Dead Snow (2009)

Every once in a while you just don't want to think, all you want an old fashion campy movie. For those nights this movie is what the doctor ordered.

This movie starring a group of Norwegians, and directed by Tommy Wirkola is as bloody as it is inventive, it adds many twists to several zombie movie cliches, like a very close up shot of face-biting but when the camera pulls away you realize it's the human biting the Zombie...

*Spoiler alert : These are not Romero-Zombies, for example these Nazis kill, they don't eat (they even punch you in the face), they are somewhat intelligent, they respond to a Z leader that can use binoculars and at least a hammer, they don't turn other people into Zs, though one of the humans cuts off his own arm after being bitten believing he would turn Z too, and they use hiding as a tactic... one thing that kind of killed it for me was the fact that they can just pop out of the snow anywhere, I do like some logic in my movies, but it is kind of a comedy so I guess we can overlook that.*

All in all as I've said before a very entertaining movie, I know you have to read subtitles but... it takes you a bit away from "Hollywood" to watch a foreign film and that's refreshing too.

Well until next time remember... Zombies were people too!!!!

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