Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: White Zombie (1932)

Wow, this is very hard, how do you review a film that was made in 1932? what do you compare it to? the acting is horrible, the special effects are almost no-existent, there is very little dialogue, too many looooong scenes, and there is really no intelligent plot, but then again, it was made in 11 days and it was one of the first "talkies" in fact the only redeeming quality is Bela Lugosi's image, and the famous line in his trademark accent "I have looked into her eyes".

Unless you're a film major, or are having a nostalgia streak, or you're a two bit internet blogger like me don't waste your time, classic or not it sucks, that's all I can honestly say.

Until next time remember, Zombies were people too.

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