Friday, March 18, 2011

Can Iodized Salt prevent Nuclear Japanese Zombies?

A lot is being said about the tragic Earthquake/Tsunami situation is the Japanese are facing, and now the dangerous levels of radiation emanating from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor power plant leak.

Now people everywhere are stocking up on Iodized Salt and Potassium Iodide anti-radiation pills, even here in the United States West Coast, but are they really effective? or even necessary? the answer is probably not, in fact there is very little danger of radioactive poisoning to the rest of the world, it is my strong belief that the people that are buying up large supplies of these pills are merely doing it as a get rich quick scam, hoarding them to later sell to people in Japan (who may really and desperately need them) at a much larger price, in fact it is more of a possibility that the Radiation would turn the victims in Japan into Zombies than harm people on the American West Coast. 

So what should we really watch out for in the days to come, if you smell a cover-up it is probably because 1, a contaminated lizard has reacher a size that is equal to that of a large building (it's been known to happen in Japan) and the obvious and very sensible possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse, so what do we do? how do we prepare?

Well the second thing you should do is put into action any "Zombie Apocalypse Prevention and/or Protection Plan" that you have (an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure)

But first and foremost it to stop the outbreak at the source, if possible, before it reaches a point of no return... in other words send copious amounts of money to global giving dot com, the link is right bellow this paragraph...   I mean think about it if there is a Zombie Apocalypse your money won't be any good to you anyway, and until now you've only worried about fighting the ordinary run-of-the-mill walking corpses, can you imagine fighting Samurai Zombies?
(I don't mean to break the mysticism of the whole Zombie idea, but I want to make clear that this is actually an Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund) sorry...

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