Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: 28 Days Later (2002)

This movie is truly a masterpiece, one of the best if not THE best zombie movies of all times.

First: it shows you exactly how the first victim is infected, and how the whole problem was created, I know this is something that is not really necessary for a good Zombie movie, but it does give it a sense of realism. On a note unrelated to the genre it also illustrates how some of those HUMANE yet at the same time TERRORIST organizations around the world operate, and how sometimes they make a huge mistake in the name of humanity (for example sticking metal rods into trees so someone breaks a chainsaw and kills himself while trying to cut it down)

Second: the soundtrack, I am a visual person, and I usually don't pay attention to an/or don't remember if the soundtrack of a movie was good or not, but this one is great, it creates an atmosphere of despair yet it does it with almost lively music, without being the typical ominous tones that are characteristic of horror movies.

Third: Great acting, the main character can really convey the sense of despair at being the last person alive (until he meets others of course) all others deliver truly believable performances.

Fourth: And this is what I have the most trouble with in most Zombie movies, the survivors have seen THE WHOLE POPULATION GO, they understand if that you are infected you must DIE!!!
There's no "You look pale and like you're in horrible pain, just like the million people before you who turned into Zombies, are you sure you're OK?"...  "oh yeah hhmmmphhh, I'm fine hhmmmpph it's nothing"

Fifth: It shows humanity's true nature...   when you are in constant danger and all you have is each other then everyone is your family, but as soon as you get back some sense of security you go back to being greedy and think of how you can put yourself over others.

This is a movie I could watch again and again, it's simply that good.

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