Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya Offers Cease Fire - But Will Zombies Listen?

  Libya is now being watched by the world, civil unrest so they say...  but we know better right..

Qaddafi has been in power for about 40 years and he doesn't go away, his followers fear no bullets and harm and go around in mobs... or would they better be described as A HORDE?  and frankly it looks like he has been decaying for some time, have you seen him lately?

Anyways the forces of freedom are trying to see if he has any WMDs when they should be looking for ZMDs (Zombies of Mass Destruction) I mean those are the really dangerous ones, cause they multiply sending their message of endless consumption and destruction, think about a mall full of rich kids...  yeah it's that scary!!!

  Another thing that ties this scenario in the middle east with most Zombie movies is the fact that the president of the United States understands nothing of the problem, and is unclear on what to do, in fact the only thing he is doing effectively is showing the world that he is just as Zombified as the rest of us.

But don't just wait for the problem to come here, like our fearful leader, prepare for the coming attacks, get the Zombie Survival Guide today!!!!

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