Sunday, February 6, 2011

News to "UN"die for #1

Welcome back friends, this Santiago again, your very own Zombie blogger, bringing you another post celebrating OUR obsession, tonight I will write about many wonderful things like;

AMC's The Walking dead, where season 2 already?
Joder!!! (F word in Castilian) I'll be talking about [REC] the Spanish movie Quarantine is based on.
The wait for Pontypool... what the hell is that?
An update on the comic book project.

But first of all I want to talk about you, the audience, when I first started writing this blog I believed that I was expressing myself about my obsession, but in the time that has elapsed I realize that everyone is a little obsessed with zombies, we've all asked ourselves that "what if?" and wondered quite a bit.
In the beginning I thought this blog would only exist in the screens of myself and a few personal friends that I would force to read, but now you read me in: USA, UK, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, France, Bolivia, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, India & Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Austria, Russia and Lebanon...  whoa, I gotta catch my breath, well anyways I guess I mean thanks all of you!!!

AMC's The Walking Dead: well what can I say? I'm still watching the reruns, that's how good it is. On my review of the first episode and promised you more to come, but I believe that reviews are great for movies, I may point you in a direction that you've never considered, or I could steer you clear of the movies that are just not worth your valuable time, but in the case of TWD it is pointless to write a review for every episode and just tell you again and again how much I love it, instead... If I have your permission I will write recaps of the story,  maybe quote some memorable phrases, and if you're good I'll give you updates for when the hell season 2 arrives, which by the way seems to be that AMC thinks the best idea is to bring it out on Halloween again, like the first one, plus it helps put the spotlight on other projects for them, so bummer we have to wait until Oct 31st so see some fresh meat, but on the bright side, they signed on for 13 episodes so when we do well be stuffed for a while...

Now lets move on to "[REC]" the Spanish movie from which the US flick Quarantine comes from, I thought the latter was an adaptation, but it's the same exact film up to the las scene, with very few variations and the obvious, they're in different languages, let's just say that both are very well done and very good movies, I will go more in depth in future posts. This situation gives us a rare opportunity,  we have two movies, made within a couple of years of eaach other, following the same exact script, but made in different countries.
Is it the fact that my native language is Spanish? or why do I believe that the English language makes movies a little less dimensional? like the characters seem less real, it could be just the fault of Hollywood and their formulas steal the magic.

Pontypool, where is it? a friend I've recently made for our mutual interest has suggested I watch the movie "Pontypool" he said it was one of those that screw with your mind... and boy do I love those, from what I've seen from the preview is that a group of people locked themselves up at a local radio station, and the receive sporadic reports on how the crisis is progressing, unfortunately Netflix does not yet have it available.

MY COMIC BOOK NEWS!!!  We had a wonderful time this past Saturday during the first meeting for the production of the comic book, we savagely tore into some nice bbq pork ribs, and some fleshy pink salmon, courtesy of one of our supporters. What did we get done? I did a reading on the first 5 chapters and got great feedback and appreciation, I have chosen who will portray most of the main characters, there are still some roles left for those who are interested, and we will always need lots of zombies in the background, so if you'd like to be zombified this is your chance... people are jsut dying to be part of this adventure, muah ha ha ha.

Also, I have sent out some e-mails to some of the people involved in the movies of this great genre, please cross your fingers that I get an answer so I can start posting interviews.

Thanks again for reading, and not making me feel like I'm writing to a wall, I hope you keep coming back and invite your friends to visit here, if they don't come around apply a little pressure, I'm not suggesting you break anyones thumb, but plucking a few eyelashes is acceptable I guess...  well whatever, just tell tem to read...

THANK YOU, and until next time remember... Zombies were people too!!!

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