Monday, February 21, 2011


  Hey, Hi, how are you? well... you don't look that well to me... in fact you look a little pale... green in some areas, are you sure you're not coming down with something?   ZOMBIE fever perhaps?!!! You're in luck, cause you're just about to get your fix!!!

  All Joking... or at least MOST joking aside, I got some terrific news to share with you!!! I finally got my 2 lead roles cast for ZWPT, a story about a post zombie apocalyptic world, and the regular folks that survive in it.

  As I've mentioned before this will be an on-line comic book, it should really be a series of movies but I lack the production capabilities to put forth the ambitious ideas that I have, however I really want to escape the stigma of ZWPT being called "a comic book" and I plan to do that by thinking a little outside the box.

  For one I plan to take pictures of real people in their necessary poses and then add any detail I want in pencil, this will be done to bring a feeling of realism otherwise unreachable, and to save me hundreds of ours of drawing.  Another thing I have in mind is adding bits and pieces of video every once in a while so you get a real feel of the subtle characteristics of each cast member, again unattainable in a comic book format.

 One more idea that has been brought to my attention is to have the people actually voice their characters instead of having their words printed on the screen, I really like the idea but it would also create a new set of tasks that might be too time consuming, and I have a lot of story to tell, and would prefer to keep the material flowing and not keep the readers waiting...   but if anyone knows someone willing to $$$$ back this project I'm all ears!!!!

  Before I present to you the two young men that will beat amazing odds while being odd themselves I want you to know that you still have a chance to be part of all this, we will need hundreds if not thousands of "Zombie Extras", and you could participate by simply taking a few full body pictures in different zombie poses (make up optional) and sending them to us.  If you come up with a convincing character and/or idea and would like to be more involved you might even be a survivor... for a while...  well, let me know.

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  Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado I give you Mr. Joel Meherin & Mr. Zuberi Fields:

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