Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: La Horde (France 2009)

    I told a friend that the next movie I would review would be Zombieland, but this one came in the mail this afternoon and I had been waiting for it a while so I just had to watch it.

   Well, let me tell you, If you love the gore this is a movie for you, it's gritty fights from start to finish, a lot of up close and personal stuff, the characters were very colorful and quite different from your usual Zombie movie, but not that much...

   Thought the movie was well made, the acting was somewhat beleivable, but there are 3 things that just made it a little too....   "hmmmmn, really?" for me 

1) The first Zombie appears 4 guys empty their clips into the torso... nothing happens, then on eguy shots it in the head once and dropped it,  second zombie, everybody shoots him in the torso... nothing happens, Zombie carries away a dead body.  and then every other zombie they meet up until the end of the movie they just keep shooting at the torsos, I mean how many times does this have to ahppen befor ehtey realize that it's the shot to the head that kills them.

2)  The typical, "I got bit, but I'm oh.... kay...." then they are all surprised when the person turns into a Zombie is pretty much used up in a million other movies, you can forgive it someitmes by saying, "well maybe none of the characters ever saw a Zombie movie" but having it happen several times in the same movie... that's just too much.

3) And the final one, If you are a weak coward you will naturally go with the larger group, with the people that have shown that they can defend you, you're not going to try to separate from the group, specially with someone that has been bit.

  I have mixed feelings abotu this movie, it's well made in many areas, but then it has those Z movie common places that could easily be avoided with a better story.

 Until next time remember...  Zombies were people too, and wirters are only human...

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