Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now I hear dead people!!!

  Hello again, I hope you haven't been bitten since last I wrote to you, if you did that would suck, cause I'd probably lose a valuable reader...

   So back to being serious again, since I started writing this blog I've been coming into contact with people that love a good zombie story as much as I do, or MORE!!! It has broadened my horizons on the whole undead genre, suggestions have come to me like; a forum for people to exchange opinions for how to better prepare for the possible z-pocalypse, several online comic books, a whole bunch of independent mini movies on Youtube and a whole bunch of great leads on movies, some I've already watched and reviewed, by the way if you have any suggestion about a good zombie movie or other media please post a comment bellow.
   The latest thing I have come across is "We're Alive" and it's something that is quite different, you have to see it to believe it, well actually you have to HEAR it to believe it, because it's very cleverly made as a podcast, it reminds me of the anecdotes my father shares about him "listening" to Tarzan on the radio when he was a boy, I am no stranger to
 this being that I love to listen to talk radio rather than listen to the same 5 songs every hour. and I actually enjoy listening to a good story with my eyes closed, letting the imagination roam where it may.

   You can find the podcast if you click here

  I could write you a long drawn out description on the setting and the characters but it would be much easier if you went to the site and listened for yourself, the action kicks in really fast and they give you a good grasp of the situation in a hurry!!! but not in a way that would ruin it of course.

So I went from seeing dead people to hearing them... well at least it a relief to know that for once the voices are not coming from inside my head.

Thank you very much for reading, please if you've got a comment I would be honored, and until next time remember...  Zombies were people too!!!

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