Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Undead On-line Comic Book Casting

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen... and Zombies, welcome back to the premier blog on all things undead.

Have you ever been attacked by a horde of Zombies? has your city turned upside down because of an outbreak? of course not, Zombies aren't real.... or are they?

If the Shiz-nit does hit the fan are you ready? are you a survivor? how long do you think you will last? well now is your chance to find out.

I am currently writing a script for an online comic book, my take on the whole "Zombie Apocalypse" thing.

Now I consider myself to be a good artist, but when it comes to details, and to tell you the truth I am very slow, so my brilliant idea (it isn't actually mine) is to take pictures of living breading people and trace over them and adding any detail I would like.

As of now I am looking for collaborators, actors, posers... anybody that would like to participate just for the fun of it, whether it be as a survivor or a zombie, so if anyone is interested please leave me a message, thank you!!!!

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  1. OK OK....Survivor!! Survivor!! :) This is Alfredo. Count me in :D