Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Last of the Living (2008)

Funny!!! This group of New Zealanders has come up with a very entertaining view of the Zombie apocalypse scenario, the premise is simple; 6 months after the first outbreak 3 friends have managed to be the last survivors by simply holing themselves up until "it felt safe to venture outside" now the 3 amigos are living the high life (whilst having the minor inconvenience of having to fight Zombies from time to time) having access to a city where every store is like their own personal storage unit, and they move from abandoned mansion to abandoned mansion on a whim.

The main characters (Morgan, a bat wielding guy who kinda resembles Steve-O from Jack-Ass, Johnny a crazy has-never-been rocker/fighter and Ash a frightful, mild mannered accountant with a golf club) spend their days holed-up drinking and playing video games insulting each other and just plain being irresponsible, that all changes when they meet Stef (Emily Paddon Brown) a drop dead (no pun intended) gorgeous young female scientist on a mission and suddenly they have to start acting brave to impress her.

The movie is low budget, but since it's mostly character driven it is still really enjoyable, it's slow for the first 30 minutes, but as soon as they meet Stef it's all fast paced, the sound editing is a little off, they set up a scene with eerie music and then the music just ends with no danger whatsoever and they switch to another scene (they do this several times) then there's the "we don't have firearms" issue, which kind of nags at you until they explain in a very funny way just why there are no more firearms (not gonna spoil it for you you'll just have to watch it)

One thing I can never get over (but it happens in "E-V-E-R-Y" Zombie movie so I guess it's accepted) is the fact that even though the survivors are always scanning the area and the Zombies can't help but emit their grunts (and in this movie flatulations) one always manages to sneak up and not be noticed until it's biting your leg...

All in all a very entertaining movie, definitely worth watching.

Until next time remember, Zombies were people too!!!

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