Sunday, January 23, 2011

Modifying your vehicle to kick some serious Zombie behind.

Ok, most Zombie movies show desperate people who have absolutely no survival instincts other than run and hide, so, yeah I doubt this could ever happen in one of those, some ask the question of how people would live a few months or years after the first breakout, so just in case there is a Zombie apocalypse, and you do survive and find the time to actually prepare for the fight ahead this is a very good idea to have in mind, it's not like Zombies drive cars so you'll probably have your pick.

These guys from down under deliver a good plan to Z-pimp your car n case the shiz-nit hits the fan, apart from very useful information these guys from Mighty Car Mods give you a good dose of humor, I should warn, towards the end they have  very "interesting" list of reading suggestions, some may be offensive to some watchers, ans some may just be too funny.

Enjoy, and until next time remember....   Zombies were people too!!!!

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