Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Undead Holliday

Talk about having you obsessions bite you in the but, one thing I got from Santa Claus this year is to think I was one of the undead.

This past Sunday I went to pick up my nephews so they would stay over, on the way I was struck by a cold, on my neck and in my waist, shortly after picking them up we went to the supermarket, all the while I could not shake the terrible feeling of cold. By the time we got to the check out counter I was loosing motor skills and feeling the world whirl around me.

Back at home at 8:30 pm I took some night time cold remedy and went to bed, the nightmare started at 3 in the morning when I woke up, I went through all the motions I ever imagined a newly scratched victim would go through, my back was so contracted it felt like I imagined rigor mortis would be like, and then there was also the worse fever I've ever had, I was so delirious I actually had temporary amnesia, I looked at my wife and did not recognize her, I was having trouble even remembering who I was, or even understanding why I had a bolt running from temple to temple.

Long story short... I feel like hell but don't worry I will recover unlike most of you, and when I do there's whole bunch of undead movies that I have to watch and start reviewing for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Undead Priest

This picture is from Halloween 2004, where I dressed as an "Undead Priest" or whatever you want to call it, the tunic is actually from a different costume a Rennaisance times Catholic priest, the staff is store bought but I painted the eyes, the make up is self inflicted, I was on a tight schedule cause besides the costume I had to set up a lot of music equipment and DJ the party.

Even though at the time the undead bug had not bitten me, I thought people who come upon this blog might enjoy the picture.

Please don't hesitate ot share any pics you might have.

I don't paint my nails black

Hello out there, my name is Santiago, my friends call me Santy...

Now I don't paint my nails black, I don't idolize the macabre, and I am not generally a gloomy person, but lately I have been obsessing with the undead, Zombies to be exact, this is mostly due to a string of movies that I have seen lately like "Zombieland", "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and specially AMC's "The Walking Dead" Series.

Don't think for a second that these are the first things I've watched on the subject, it's just that for the past couple of weeks there is not much else I can think about when I'm idle. Unfortunately this genre is not one my wife or my 5 and 2 1/2 year old kids are interested in, so for lack of someone to converse with I am writing to you.
I'm kind of embarassed to say that I got the idea for writing this blog after watching the movie "Julie and Julia"... yes the movie abut Julia Childs... yes the cook!!!! but oh well, what can I say? my tastes vary a lot...

Back to the subject at hand "Zombies" or what I am more interested in... the interactions between Zombies and the unlucky survivors, and their portrayal on any media whether it be on screen or print.

If there is ONE thing I would like to accomplish with this blog it would be to end the cheesy unbelievable stupidity some movie producers believe the audience is capable of, for example: The one person in the group who is scratched sometime in the film, and even though he/she is pale, sweating and has become disturbingly quiet and detached, when someone else asks "are you OK?" they believe the gravely voice that says "....hmm ... arghh, it's nothing... I'm ok" and voila!!! in the end of the movie he/she turns Zombie and kills them all.