Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review: Day of The Dead (2008 -Remake)

  What movie executive gives the ok to make a movie like this? What self respecting director attaches his name to such a film? What editor says "ok I'm happy with this product, send it to the theaters"?

 Don't get me wrong, there are lots of 13 year olds that would find this movie very entertaining, but how can you invoke the name of the great Romero and make this crap?  Romero's movies are about asking the difficult moral questions that are much bigger than the Zombie genre, saying that this is a Romero film, is like making a remake of Star Wars in honor of George Lucas and having Darth Vader wear a hockey mask and machete the rebel alliance to death...

  This movie stars a pint size Mena Suvari, who is in a ranking officer in the army, but when she goes into a house to investigate a report of 2 bodies that have been torn to shreds, she pulls out her gun and tells the other army guy next to her "don't worry, it's not loaded" her only explanation is "it's a long story", I know a lot of people that are afraid of loaded guns, but none of them go off and join the military...  mind you this same girl wants to protect a guy she just met that has turned zombie from the rest of the group that wants to get rid of him, she says something in the line of "you can't just kill him, he was a person"  five minutes later she purposefully runs over her own mother and explains to her brother "she wasn't mom, not anymore"

  Then you have Nick Cannon, who was great in "Drumline" because he plays himself, a cocky kid who depends more on his ego than on his skills, well if you like that you will not be disappointed,  because in this movie he just loves himself.

   The whole movie is full of incongruous stuff, like for example, a Zombie can crawl on the ceiling upside down, another one can jump and reach a window 2 stories up, but when our heroes are going into the ventilation shaft to get away, the undead cannot reach a foot over their heads to grab them, then when a flame barely touches a Zombie he goes up instantly in a puff like a modern day vampire hit with sunlight, but they don't think about using fire again until the very end of the movie...

  And what does this firendly neighborhood Zombie blogger hate the most? the "oh, I'm infected and it's obvious to everyone, but I'm going to keep denying it and people will believe me no problem"  it happens about four times in a row.

  So yeah, it one of those movies that have absolutely no character development, everyone is just mindlessly running and making one stupid mistake after the other, it is no homage to Romero, but as Miss Jean Brodie would say "for those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like"

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