Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: 28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 Weeks Later is the sequel to 28 Days Later... I have read and heard people say that it is incredible how a sequel can be so much better than the original, and they're right (sarcasm) it is unbelievable, I simply don't believe it.

The original was a story about survival and making human choices, and reflecting upon the end of the world scenario, but 28 Weeks is based on one single difficult choice, and I will admit they could not have chosen a better actor for the part (Robert Carlyle).   The movie starts with a couple who are holed up with a small group of survivors and after opening their doors to a child they become noticed by the horde outside, they couple becomes separated because the husband just wants to flee and the wife wants to rescue the child...  naturally in a show of cowardice Robert Carlyle runs away leaving his wife at the mercy of the infected, one could also argue that it was not cowardice but since the couple had their kids vacationing in Spain at least one parent should survive for their sake.

Take away Carlyle's excellent acting and you are left with a piece of trash, with no logic whatsoever, were infected human beings break through boarded up doors like they were balsa wood, 27 weeks after the original outbreak the US army is helping maintain a quarantine and is starting to repatriate people to England.

These are the things that just don't make sense to me

1) If you are one of the survivors that barely escaped would you not try to put as much distance between you and the infected, why would you move back?

2) Why would you bring your children back from Spain to live in the quarantine zone?

3) The kids leave the quarantine zone to go and find their old house, the military watches them leave but they do nothing to stop them, they later send helicopters and a strike team to their area... when they could have just yelled out, "hey, you can't leave the quarantine zone!!!"

4) They find an infected person that did not turn... an extreme rarity, but they just take a blood sample and do nothing, leave the person on a stretcher without guard let alone a scientist for observation... it's like Sir Galahad finding the Holy Grail and saying "well, I'll keep searching, maybe I'll find something really valuable, no use returning home JUST with the GRAIL"

5) The marines do not use their radios to coordinate.

6) When they are fighting a horde of Ragers they only use sniper rifles from the roof, but when they are following 4 humans they suddenly blanket the whole city with gas and have fully prepared haz-mat suit wearing marines with flame throwers.

7) And then, what pisses me off about horror movies, no matter how many turns and twists our heroes take all over the city, they always end up right next to the one zombie that also escapes the gas, the flame throwers, the blanket bombing...

The idea was good, but the movie as a whole is not up to par with the original.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Hello friends, how are you? thank you for your patience and I'm sorry I haven't written to you guys in a while, but between being a husband and daddy and on top of that having to remove the kitchen floor to put tile (for the 1st time in my life) I haven't had a lot of free time.

  That aside there are two things I want to get out of the way before I review this movie;

1- The tittle of this blog is Undead Obsession, so that really gives me ample freedom to write about any undead creature, but I really want to keep things in the realm of the Zombie, which to me is the most thought provoking.
2 - Though the creatures in this movie are given the name Vampires and have the same weaknesses as the vampires, the way in which people all over the world are infected and the way these "creatures" act resemble more of the modern day slow Zombie.

So you'll forgive me either way once you watch this great great film, you'll have to make up your own mind about what they truly are... perhaps if we have hybrid cars we can have hybrid undead.

The legendary Vincent Price plays Robert Morgan a disillusioned scientist who could do nothing to stop the end of humanity based on the 1954 novel "I am legend" later made into 2 other movies.

I though this was going to be another one of those classic bores, but I guess Vincent Price is not Legendary for nothing!!!, he really makes you believe his desperation. This is a must watch.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News to "UN"die for #2

I'ts about time for another one of these...  News to "UN"die for!!!!

This is your friendly neighborhood zombie blogger, back for another post!!!

Since my last NTUDF a lot of things have happened, and a lot of things I wanted to happen did not...   :(
here's the good news, in March I had a record of 534 views!!!!,  I know that there are blogs that get millions of visit per month, but hey, 534 is a lot for me!!!

Also my readership base grew a lot since I've been doing Search Engine Optimization, I am now read in The Netherlands, Serbia, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, China, Finland, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal and today I got a hit from Estonia...  yep, I'm proud

I've watched and reviewed some great films, 28 Days Later which I'd seen before, American Zombie a mock documentary, and I still owe you my review of The Las Man On Earth Vincent Price's version of I am Legend a surprisingly well made movie despite it's from 1964.

About the Comic Book, that is something I have had some trouble with, it is very difficult to get people together for shooting the scenes so I'm thinking of doing it more as a blog than a comic book, that way I can advance the story and if the public likes it I can produce the drawings for it. Also since I've seen the poster for Aaah Zombies which says "Zombies Are People Too" I realized that the title for my comic book Zombies Were People Too would not sound as original and witty as I once thought, so ti's back to the drawing board with the name of the story.

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 2 - Ok, we all love this series, but when oh when is ti coming back?  As far as I know AMC has already signed for 13 new episodes in the new season, but the release date is still a little fuzzy, the most common idea is that it will air on Halloween like the first season, but now there is talk about it actually airing earlier, as early as July perhaps, who know? All I know is that I'm DYING to see it!!!!

Until next time, stay alive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: American Zombie (2007)

"We're here, we're dead, get used to it"  when I started reviewing Zombie films I ran across some pretty horrible low budget films with repetitive themes, and  BAD ACTING, for a while I thought I would lose interest in the genre all together, needless to say I didn't, and I'm very glad I didn't...  I actually ran across some very interesting and different flicks and American Zombie is one of them...

  This is a smartly made mock documentary of the Zombie subculture in LA, it shows the day to day lives and activities of a group of Living-impaired individuals trying to figure out how they fit in with the rest of society, a lot of political parallels with activists groups and stuff like burning man...

  Very well made, organically acted, and terribly funny.

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