Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Radiation in Japan: Is is turning people into Zombies?

  Is the radiation in Japan turning people all around the world into Zombies, or just complete idiots?

There are already people on the internet claiming that the whole earthquake/tsunami scenario afflicting the people of Japan was caused by the return of the space shuttle or by one of it's nefarious top secret mission... (or add your favorite conspiracy theory here) it is this blogger's professional opinion that all those people should get a life or at least a brain.

Do you know how many people were killed by the initial earthquake?    One.
Do you know why?    Because Japan is the most prepared country in the world when it comes to quakes.
Do you know why?    Because they know that they are in an area where they have one of the highest probabilities for earthquakes.

Now to tackle the idea about the tsunami, did you know that the term kamikaze popularized by the suicide bombers of WWII actually means Divine Wind? an is from an earlier period in Japan's history in which they were about to be invaded but a "Divine Wind" came and created waves so large that they completely destroyed the invaders fleet of ships, maybe that was caused by the NASA time traveling space shuttle that has not been invented yet... or has it?

Well there is something in in Japan that is turning people into Zombies, and it's "Black Mount Fuji" and you can learn all about it in the film "Tokyo Zombie", which by the way you can buy from this very blog...

Thank you for reading, and if you still believe that NASA was responsible for this mess, you don't need to consume more brains, just make sure yours doesn't get completely consumed...


  1. Gojira! Nucrear Ladiation make beeeg rizard!!!

  2. I can't believe nobody said anything about that yet!!! thanks for the comment Ken

  3. I think its complete craziness ZOMBIES really! Its crazy how much I have read over the past few weeks…people preparing for them and all the things you can buy in prep for it. Lots of money to be made when you put the fear of death in people. How to survive Japans Zombies book, safety kits, maps to safety, what should you do info and so much more. It gives me a great laugh and something to talk about with my friends “all who think its funny” I just don’t understand how so many people can believe in so many random things that is never going to happen. LOVE your post! Going to add you to my blog list.

  4. everyone needs to grow up and stop l;iveing in a video game or some dumb shit like zombies are actually gonna take over.