Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Coolest Free Zombie Game

 Hello everybody, and every-corpse, I hope your limbs are limber today...

  Well to the matter at hand, I have been searching for cool Zombie games to play "FREE" on the web, and I've come up with some horrible choices, the names get mixed up but they were all either too complicated and/or were all text based with minimal graphics...  then I came across this seemingly innocent game "Zombie Lane" and whoa, finally my search has ended, this game is very addictive, fun and since it's not completely gruesome I can even play it with my kids, in fact, my 3 year old is always asking to "kill dombiez"

  This Facebook game is pretty simple to follow, you have to kill zombies and in the meantime do various missions to spruce up what's left of your neighborhood, you can visit and help friends along the way, one of the coolest features is that you can craft makeshift weapons from the different items dropped by zombies you kill.

  I urge you to play it if you're a Zombie fan, and if you do try and find me... I'll be the guy in the yellow shirt kicking zombie but first and asking questions later!!!

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