Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: [REC] (Spain 2007)

 Hello friends, I hope you've enjoyed my last post, and I thank you for your all the e-mails.

This past Tuesday the kids went to bed early so my wife had the rare opportunity of watching a Zombie flick, this time it was the Spanish movie [REC] of which I've had the dvd from netflix for aa couple of weeks, this is the movie from which Quarantine (2008) came forth, both movies are visually exactly alike, if memory serves, after all I saw Quarantine when it just came out.
The only differences I noticed, besides the fact that [REC] is in Spanish, was the idiosyncratic characteristics of th cast, I don't know if it's the language or the fact that Hollywood makes almost everything taste like plastic, but the characters seemed a lot more real.

The film itself is quite good also, the story starts when Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) a reporter for a local TV show is sent to a fire station to document the everyday life of the firefighters, hoping that the alarm would sound so they are whisked off into an interesting adventure, the phrase "be careful what  you wish for " should come to mind right about now. When the alarm finally sounds they are sent to answer a call about a screaming old lady, at the building they find the police are already there, they all go in to investigate and they see the old lady drenched in blood just standing in the middle of her living room, as they get near she flips out and starts chewing on a cops neck. Outside the police begin a quarantine procedure. The whole movie is from the point of view of Pablo, the camera guy, hence the name and that makes for one quite different experience.

So my opinion is this is a must see, the feeling is quite authentic.

So what's next on my netflix queue? Resident Evil : Afterlife, the fourth instalment in this great series based on the popular video game, it should arrive the day after tomorrow, I'm very exited.

Once again thank you all for reading and until next time remember... Zombies were people too!!!

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